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Velvit is a premium range of products which include Granular and foliar fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant, Wetting Agent, Soil Conditioner provide the specific care and nutrition for professional turf care.

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Syngenta is a range of turf chemical that brings the professional solution of weeds, disease, pest control. Innovative products that bring substantial savings with superior turf quality performance in your turf and landscape management.

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SILVAMIX is a form of tablets that is designed for individual fertilization and supplemental fertilization of a wide range of perennial plants (trees, shrubs, flowers etc.), both mature and seedlings, in loose soil and in pots. It promotes the growth of plants in infertile, damaged, eroded, acidic or waste rock soils.

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We distribute a complete range of herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and soil fumigant products to turf, landscape, horticulture, plantation and forestry industry.
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